PinPa Style

Programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Mailchimp, WordPress

For a final project, I created a fake business, did branding for it, and made a website. I decided to make a business with the idea of selling food-designed stickers, enamel pins, and patches. The purpose would be to bring awareness to world hunger as a third of the proceeds of every sale would be donated to the Action Against Hunger Canada organization.


The main colours I chose are pink and orange as they complement each other. I then added yellow as an accent colour and black for outlines and text.


To fit a cute, but simple aesthetic I went with an easy-to-read font with round edges.


I wanted the logo to look cute and aesthetic, so I chose to use bubble letters instead of sharp edges. The design resembles an enamel pin with its thick black outline and streeks of light orange for the shine.

Product Placement Mock-ups

Product Mock-ups

Since the idea for this business is to bring awareness to world hunger, I drew foods from different cultures. I drew them using Adobe Illustrator, then brought them into Photoshop to create the mock-ups which I did by following YouTube tutorials. For the enamel pins, I also drew simple baking cards for them to be placed against.

Enamel Pins



Email ad

This is an email ad made using Mailchimp that would be sent out for promotion. It simply explains the business and includes an image that presents some of the products.